In the past, all the big potteries such as Josiah Wedgewood & Sons and Royal Doulton had teams of people decorating select pieces of china and porcelain by hand, using in-house colours and designs. These artists would be under the instruction of famous designers such as Susie Cooper, Clarice Cliff, and Truda Carter.

So, what is china painting?


China painting is the process whereby paint is applied on a piece of glazed white china or porcelain. Each piece is fired in a kiln at 810 degrees centigrade for at least 12 hours, and a complex piece can require up to four or five firings.


As the artist, I love the anticipation of opening the cooled kiln after a long wait to reveal the work. That's what makes me feel fired up and inspired!


Each firing adds layers of colour and detail and has to be planned in advance. For example, if gold or lustre is used they are painted onto the piece last, because these materials have to be fired at a lower temperature, to prevent the gold burning away!



Here's an example of a first firing on the left (click image to view):
This is the second firing on the right - see the difference (click image to view):

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